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The Benefits of a Writing Community

I recently joined a writer’s group called the Lady Lits.

We are seven women from widely varying writing backgrounds, across three continents,

who meet every two weeks via Zoom. Ladies in the group write children’s fiction,

women’s fiction, historical fiction, non-fiction and even science fiction. Writing is a

solitary affair and a community creates a synergy where the whole is greater than the

parts. Even though we aren’t experts in each other’s genres, we still share goals,

brainstorm, read each other’s work, help each woman hone her craft and celebrate our


One of the biggest obstacles to writing is finding time. The Lady Lits has something

called a “work along” which is extremely helpful because it allows for accountability.

A “work along” is a pre-scheduled time of two to three hours every week where those of

us in Lady Lits who can meet—do meet. We share what we’re working on, what we hope

to accomplish and at the end of the time—how we did. Occasionally we brainstorm, but

for the most part the time is dedicated to setting aside the same time every week to get

the work of writing done. And it does get done!

If a writers’ group sounds like something you might like to try I encourage you to start

your own group. How did the Lady Lits get started? One of the women who attended an

online writers’ class asked if anyone would be interested in starting a writers’ group.

Initially, ten women responded. We ended up with seven women which seems to be

the optimal size.

If you don’t know any fellow writers there are still several ways you could start your own group.

The next time you attend a writers' conference, ask if anyone is interested in starting a group.

Can’t afford to attend one of those pricey conferences, there isn't one near where you live,

or don’t have the time? Read some of the comments from writers on blogs or newsletters. Is there anyone there you like want to ask? Or maybe your local high school or college has some English

teachers who would be interested in staring a group.



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