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About the Author

Cynthia is formally trained as a screenwriter, but as a high school science teacher
spent more time writing Power Points than anything else. She did occasionally find time to write and was the original ghost writer on Bill Bright’s “His Intimate Presence," a book on the Holy Spirit, published by New Life Publications. She also wrote the article "God Never Gives Up” for Worldwide Challenge magazine, the story of Mary Meyer’s family friend who once made a living singing for the New York Metropolitan Opera.

Cynthia retired from teaching high school science full-time in 2023. She couldn’t leave academics completely and still teaches an anatomy lab at a local university. But with more time these days, she has turned to writing a three-novel science fiction series. The manuscript for the first book is complete, the second is a rough draft and the third is an outline. Since the stories of the three main women characters are intertwined, she plans to finish all of the novels before approaching a publisher.

If you enjoy science fiction with engaging characters and a good story you might like the first planned novel in the series, “Gates of Telandra.” Below is a short synopsis.

An emergency stop on an unexplored planet lands Keely Alliman and several crew members of an interstellar cruiser in the middle of a civil war. The Captain dead, armed soldiers everywhere and the crew separated, will Keely be able to set aside her misgivings about a local with an attitude in order to find her missing crew member and escape the violent world that holds them hostage?

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